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Welcome to the GARS Training Page.  

Your Training Officer is Christopher Johnson, N1IR

For questions on classes or material, n1ir@arrl.net


The Genesis Amateur Radio Society Presents FREE training in Amateur General Class License this May 13th and 20th 2017


Please be advised, the Genesis ARS Education Officer, Chris N1IR will be providing a FREE General Class Amateur Radio training the 13th and 20th of May 2017.


This is a 2 session (15 hour / 7.5 hours per session) course to be delivered these 2 weekends in May.


The training will be at the Plymouth Airport, Genesis meeting room.


Students interested please email one of the following


Jack W1AKN                    w1akn@arrl.net

Mike KG1U                       kg1ugars@gmail.com

Chris N1IR                       chrisjohnson2003@gmail.com


Full address is:

Plymouth Airport Community Room, 
South Meadow Road, Plymouth, MA


Contact one of us for specific details and requirements ASAP


Anyone wishing this training in the May timeline to refer these individuals to us immediately. There is plenty of room for several students as the room is large enough to hold GARS Business meetings. We would like to have an idea as to just how many are planning to attend prior to the training date May 13th 2017.



 N1IR is pleases to announce the launch of a no-cost on-line Technician Course. In as little as 20 minutes a day for 20 days, you can pass the FCC Technician Element 3 examination.

Each day there is a two part video series. The first part is on specific dub-element theory and the second covers all the questions and answers of the sub-element you are studying for that day. After watching the videos for that day, all the students have a homework assignment for the day and quiz for that days class. An o-line webinar will be available to ask questions and offer guidance for the course. A list of webinar dates will be posted on the N1IR tech course page . If you have any questions, please send Chris an email to n1ir@arrl.net.

Please play introduction video first and course navigation second.

Hope to see you there.

Christopher Johnson, N1IR
Genesis Amateur Radio Society
Education Officer

Course link: http://www.n1ir.com/n1ir-tech-course.html

The ARRL Q&A book for either Technician or General is used for the class. You can either purchase it yourself or at the first class.  Cost of the book is $17.95.

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